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Horseman 45FA 4X5 Field Camera with 135mm + 90mm MC Lenses + Holders + Hood
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Horseman SW617 Camera Body, Boxed!
$124947.32 INR
Horseman 45HD 4X5 Field Camera with 150mm + 240mm Lenses + Holders (RUGGED)
$119047.62 INR
Horseman L 4x5 Monorail View Camera                                         #474 <br/> Roberts Camera - Photo Industry Leader since 1957!
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Horseman LE 8X10 Monorail Camera with Rodenstock 480mm Lens + Holder + Fresnel
$156061.24 INR
Horseman 8x10 Large Format Camera w/ 4x5 Reduction Back & Case
$136711.62 INR
Horseman LX 45 4X5 Monorail Camera with Rodenstock 180mm F5.6 Lens + Holders
$55134.15 INR